There are lots of different types of marketing videos that can be used to promote a business. Each type is specific to the image, brand and message that the company wants to display.

Here are a few more examples of different types of marketing videos:

Company profile videos
These are videos that help dispense knowledge about the company. Such videos can be very helpful for generating brand and company name recognition, trust in the business and any other aspects of the company that you want your customers to know about.

Staff profiles
These are profiles of the company’s employees that help build customer loyalty and appreciation. They work by allowing your employees to discuss why they do their job and what they are passionate about. These types of marketing videos help to give your company a personal face.

Company tour videos
Again, marketing videos like this help the customer appreciate your company and develop trust with it. The goal of these videos is to show that your small business is created through the hard work of its employees, who are real people.

Funny employee videos
These marketing videos are not designed to market your company’s product or service; rather they are designed to promote your business as a whole. Sometimes people want to learn about a business and its employees without being advertised to. It’s all about building loyalty and trust through humor.

Virtual spokespersons
These are automated spokespersons who explain to your website’s visitors all about the company. This is a great way to use an auto-play function to engage your website’s viewers.

Caused-based videos
These are videos that display what community programs or charity work your business is involved in. Customers generally like companies who “give something back”.

These types of videos are a great way to directly engage the customer about your product or service without seeming too ‘commercial’. Interview videos with clients, employees and customers are also helpful.

Training videos
FAQ, training videos and other useful information help customers out. These videos are a great way to engage your customers in a way that is not an advertisement but is still very useful to them.

Review videos
The review is a time-tested way to build brand recognition. The video form of the review is simply the newest version of this classic advertising technique.

Industry news and commentary
You can use these types of videos to inform your customers and establish your company as an expert in its niche.

Video e-mails
This is a new take on classic e-mail marketing and is highly effective.

Video promotions
Video promotions generate user interest and can include company announcements, newsletter content and events.

Product description videos
These videos tell the consumer all about your products and services in a way that is quick, engaging and much more interesting than the traditional text format.

Vlogs or ‘video blogs’ allow you to establish communications between your customers and your business. They help with SEO too.

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